Service of Funeral Home and Staff  – $2395  | Includes is local removal, sheltering remains, securing legal paperwork & transportation to and from the crematory.

Cremation Process – $250  | This is the fee for the cremation process. Due to zoning restrictions, a building in a residential area can not perform cremations. The cremation process is done at either a cemetery or in an industrial area. We have chosen to use Acacia Park Cemetery, located in Chicago.

Medical Examiner’s Permit – $100 | This is one of the permits that we need to obtain before the cremation can occur.

Cremation Container – $95 | This is the alternative container that the remains are placed in for transportation to, and handling at, the crematory. This is not a casket, but a wood bottomed container with corrugated sides and top. It can be clearly marked with the deceased name.

Sales Tax on Cremation Container – $9.50 | The state of Illinois charges sales tax on all merchandise we sell. Our tax rate is 10%.

Temporary Urn – No Charge | The remains are placed in a plastic container that is wrapped within a cardboard box. If you would like a more decorative urn, or an urn that can be used for burial, one can be provided at an additional cost.

 Total Cost $2,849.50. (1)

(1) There will be an additional charge from the County Clerk for certified copies of the death certificate. In suburban cook county you will be charged $17for the first copy and $6 for each additional copy. The funeral home will obtain these copies for you ASAP.

Also, we can place death notices in newspapers. We do not charge to perform this service but the newspapers will have charges.

Memorial services can be arranged at either the funeral home or at another location. There will be extra costs associated with memorial services.

Immediate Cremation services and pricing subject to change without notice.