Mount Prospect Public LibraryLocated just east of Friedrichs Funeral Home, a wealth of knowledge can be found in a building with a collection of approximately 497,000 items on file, an annual circulation figure of more than 1 million and currently more than 61,000 patrons as registered cardholders, that place is the Mount Prospect Public Library located at 10 South Emerson Street in Mount Prospect.

Hank supports and believes in the MPPL’s mission to:
• Connect people to information, resources and opportunities for enrichment and leisure
• Provide and sustain a book culture through literary knowledge and interactive experiences
• Promote and support education and lifelong learning
• Build community

For more information about the Mount Prospect Public Library or how to make a donation through their Foundation visit

The Mount Prospect Public Library Foundation (MPPLF) inspires growth and learning that enriches the community through culture and education. As a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, separate from the Library, our primary purpose is to provide funding for special programs and projects otherwise unattainable with tax dollars.

Source: Mount Prospect Public Library website

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