Peace of Mind

Many people ask about prearranging and prepaying funerals. Prearranging a funeral is an excellent way to make sure that the type of service you want is permanently recorded and gives you an exact cost for that service.  This is an excellent way to make sure your family knows your wishes, therefore relieving them of the burden of making hard decisions when the time of need arises.

To prearrange a service, you come to the funeral home and we help you plan the services down to the smallest detail.

When you leave our office you will have a “Statement Of Funeral Goods And Services” worksheet showing you exactly what that service costs today. There is no charge for this and you are under no obligation to our funeral home.

If you choose, you may take this one step further and prepay the services. By prepaying the funeral you are locking in the price.  This is done by us depositing your money into a Funeral Trust Fund.  The money will remain in that trust until death occurs and will then be available to the funeral home once a certified copy of the death certificate is presented.

It is important to understand that the funeral home is never in control of your money.  You should have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event that something should happen to the Friedrichs Funeral Home, your money will still be invested in the Trust Fund and any funeral home you choose would be able to access the funds upon a death.

“My relative is in a nursing home, should I prepay their funeral?”

Yes, most everyone who goes into a nursing home will eventually run short of funds.  By using their money to prepay their funeral you will not incur the costs when death occurs.  We will help you plan the service and explain the in’s and out’s of the Illinois Department of Public Aid.